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What's GimsGiy?

Watch at our founder Ida Rinsampessy

GimsGiy is a "movement" that will help people. Today there is more and more polarization in the world. Many people are looking for where to join. GimsGiy was created to reconnect people with each other in a positive way. These are the topics where we strive for.

Respect & Equity
Have respect for each other, even if the other person is different. All life deserves respect. Humanity is equal, but one person may need more help than another. That doesn’t make them any less. Respect that.

Women’s empowerment
The growth of talented women at the top is increasing. But there is still a lot of difference compared to the men. GimsGiy supports and acknowledges the hard-working women.

Clean H2O
Everyone on Earth deserves clean water. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to it. Due to many factors it is also not possible everywhere. In the future, this basic need should become accessible to everyone.

100% nature
Taking care of our nature is important for our children. We borrow the earth from them. When we all deal more consciously with nature. We all can actually contribute in their own way.

What is normal for one person is not normal for everyone. Every individual has the right to freedom. Ethical value plays a major role in this. But everyone must be able to experience the freedom.

Personal Growth
Development of self-awareness, your identity, your own talent and potential, your growth in quality of life and the realization of dreams. Put yourself first.

Animal Friendly
Respect for animals sounds easy, but not everyone adheres to it. Animals also deserve respect just as we as humans deserve respect. We live together on the earth and need each other to keep it that way.

Bio Food
Everyone can become self-sufficient in growing vegetables. But what should you choose: sprayed or unsprayed vegetables? The bottom line is that you should take your health seriously.


Our team

Meet our international management team. Like everyone else in the world, 'remote work' has become increasingly common. Covid-19 has only accelerated this situation. Our team is therefore located all over the world.


Our Products

GimsGiy is growing fast. This means that the GimsGiy team is also busy devising and developing new products and services. Great fun! At the moment we can offer you the products below - and more is on the way. Keep an eye on us…

GimsGiy Connect

Talk directly to anyone, everywhere you want in the world. GimsGiy Connect focuses on sustainability and brings people closer together.


GimsGiy TV

GimsGiy TV is an on-demand channel. We contribute to the positive development of individuals and entrepreneurs, and therefore also to society.


GimsGiy Upload

Do you have a story that inspires and what should be shared on GimsGiy TV? Grab your smartphone or camera and tell us your story.


GimsGiy Webshop

Coaches, writers, entrepreneurs and many more people can offer their products through our new webshop. More information coming soon!



It is our goal to contribute in a positive change of the current economy, which in recent years has caused polarization in both social and environmental areas. GimsGiy wants to base its business operations not only on the financial aspect, but even more on the impact economy.


For GimsGiy a philosophical view is just as important as profit alone. GimsGiy is different because our philosophy is what drives us. We believe that 'health' also means that in addition to your physical condition, your environment and your life should be in balance.

This is why we choose to invest in a green environment (planting a tree) and our own green energy through our datacenter.