We dare to be different!
Our hologrence technology will help you to adapt the circumstances in our lives worldwide.
Due to the current situation in the world we are forced to keep more distance from each other.
Scientific studies already indicate that loneliness has risen dramatically!
A video conferencing makes this social distance more bearable. Yet we believe that meeting each other in a 'gallery' (box) is not ideal.
How would you experience it if you could attend a live meeting , while you are physically miles apart?
That is possible now with holograms! It is a virtual encounter that brings you and your guests 'together' in one space!
It's new, it's special, it's real!
We give you the GREATNESS of our Hologrence, so you can PARTICIPATE and grow in your own EMPOWERMENT!
Simply, because you deserve the best!

Meet our Hologrence feature

GimsGiy hologrence is a video conference with HOLOGRAPHIC feature! It is new , it is special, it is real! We give you the GREATNESS from our Video Hologrence, so you PARTICIPATE and grow in your EMPOWERMENT! Simply you deserve it. You deserve the best! 

GREATNESS (= Empowerment + Participation)

GimsGiy Connect / Hologrence

Set up a video call quickly and easily. Talk directly to anyone, everywhere you want in the world. GimsGiy Connect focuses on sustainability and brings people closer together. With a user-friendly interface that allows anyone to use it. No difficult settings, it’s developed for equality.



Trial Plan

0 / Per month
  • Host up to 125 participants
  • unlimited 1-1 meetings
  • 50 min free to use
  • No Hologrence
  • No posting on GimsGiy Shop
  • No recording


154 / Per year
  • Unlimited Meeting rooms
  • Free Hologrence
  • Free GimsGiy TV* (Q2-2021)
  • Free GimsGiy Shop* (Q2-2021)
  • Free GimsGiy Tjitjat* (Q2-2021)
  • Free GimsGiy Social* (Q3-2021)


257 / Per year
  • Unlimited Meeting rooms
  • Free Hologrence
  • Free GimsGiy TV* (Q2-2021)
  • Free GimsGiy Shop* (Q2-2021)
  • Free GimsGiy Tjitjat* (Q2-2021)
  • Free GimsGiy Social* (Q3-2021)

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Big enough to make things happen,
small enough to care



Taking care of our nature is important. We all can actually contribute in our own way. If you buy an annual subscription, we will “Plant a Tree” in Australia. This is how we make a small contribution! We want to make impact! Are you with us?





Don’t wait till your Greatness comes to you. In life you don’t get what you want, but you get what you are. We are a platform where you can show your Greatness! On GimsGiy Connect or GimsGiy TV. The stage is yours. We applaud you!





Empowerment is not only about your ‘own strength’, but also about the strength of the other. ‘Mena Muria’ means: One for all, all for one! We share our knowledge and wisdom through our platforms. Through education, or workshops. 





What is normal for one person is not normal for everyone. Everyone is equal, but not everyone has the same need. We encourage everybody to join our movement. Because you are part of the society!